Grape vine pruning robot under development at the University of Canterbury. My PhD project focussed on developing the motion planning and collision detection. Computer vision is used to model the vines (see Tom Botterill’s research). Ideal cut locations are found using an AI algorithm and are then modified by the motion planner if the robot cannot make the ideal cut. Footage of the robot is shown on the left, sensed vines and cut locations (orange) are on the right. An adaptive safety margin is applied to the vines to account for sensing uncertainty. 

Prototype tree climbing robot for steep slope forestry. Conceived by Dr. Richard Parker (Scion Research), this robot can climb between trees without touching the ground. I was in the team of four that designed and built it, under the supervision of Dr. Gutschmidt. We were the joint winners of the Ray Meyer medal for producing the best final year engineering project with a significant design component in New Zealand.